Transforming Lives and Communities: Fulton Day Labor Center’s Grand Reopening with State Senator Mike McGuire

On March 3rd, the Fulton Day Labor Center in Fulton, CA had its grand reopening after recently completing renovations. California Human Development (CHD) spearheaded the project, which aimed to provide a safe and dignified space for day laborers to meet with employers while offering resources such as emergency care, English language classes, and job skills training.

Funding for the renovations came from a mini-grant of $2,500 from the City of Santa Rosa Community Advisory Boards Community Improvement Grant Program, as well as leveraged funding from the Press Democrat Celebrate Community Grant Program, totaling $10,000. With the help of CHD staff and four contracted day labor participants, the renovations were completed in 45 days, which included the installation of a deck, patio awning, shed, sink, benches, and new signage.

The reopening was a significant event for the community, as clients, stakeholders, and community partners were invited to attend. During the reopening ceremony, CHD dedicated a plaque to thank the City of Santa Rosa and the Press Democrat Celebrate Community Program for their contributions to the center. Attendees were also given a tour of the renovated space and learned about the services and resources that the center now provides.

In addition to the grand reopening of the Fulton Day Labor Center, there were some exciting highlights during the event. State Senator Mike McGuire attended the ceremony and gave a speech to the audience, emphasizing the importance of supporting day laborers in the community and the positive impact that the center has on their lives.

Furthermore, the reopening ceremony featured a ribbon-cutting event, which was a symbolic gesture to mark the completion of the renovations and the official reopening of the center. The ribbon cutting was conducted by CHD staff, day labor participants, and community leaders, and it was a joyous moment for everyone in attendance.

The presence of State Senator Mike McGuire and the ribbon-cutting event added to the celebratory atmosphere of the reopening ceremony. The support and recognition from community leaders demonstrate the positive impact that the Fulton Day Labor Center has on the community and the importance of providing resources and support to day laborers.

Overall, the renovations have helped to transform the Fulton Day Labor Center into a more welcoming and supportive space for day laborers. The improvements have not only made the center more visually appealing, but they have also increased the functionality and resources available to workers. With the support of the community, CHD hopes to continue making positive changes that improve the lives and employability of day laborers in Sonoma County and beyond.

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