September, New Beginnings and Serving our Communities in the Field

September was a time of growth and being in the community for California Human Development. Our team in San Joaquin was able to get out into the local community and support the area’s farmworkers through supplies distributions. These workers are essential and support the infrastructure of not just California, but our country overall. In this update, you’ll be able to read about some of the great work our teams did serving them in the field.

Next, CHD has recently concluded it’s extensive Chief Executive Officer search and brought on Thomas Stuebner to lead our organization. We’ve announced it in a separate post here on our website and wanted to make space in this update to celebrate our new CEO once again!

Then, we have an update about a special project that will support the women in recovery at Stonehouse.

Finally, October is National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month, and our disABILITY Services team is celebrating individuals we support with disabilities that are active and contributing members to the community through their employment


We know this year has been challenging for everyone. CHD wants to ensure you all again; We are here to be in solidarity and support you all.




CHD San Joaquin in the Field:

Our San Joaquin Farmworkers’ Services team did amazing work with outreach to their local community partners and provided COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) to essential farmworkers.

On September 24th, the team visited Pacheco Farm Labor to promote the services we offer. The team was able to set up an outreach table to distribute information about CHD, sign farmworkers up to receive information about specific programs they could utilize, and pass out facemasks to keep the farmworkers safe at this site safe during the pandemic. AND…on September 25th, the team visited Peirano State Vineyards through Santibanez Farm Labor Contractor to provide similar information and resources to farmworkers harvesting at this location. We gave wellness kits providing facemasks and gift cards to the local market to these workers. Overall, getting our resources, services, and information directly out into the community is crucial in supporting the people we have the privilege of serving. Thank you to the San Joaquin team for doing this great work. And thank you to our partners in the field, for allowing us to support these workers for the better of our shared communities overall! We’re all in this together!

CHD’s New Leadership:

If you haven’t heard by now, CHD has been searching for a new Chief Executive Officer with the passion and resolve to take on the challenge of leading our organization across our 31 Northern California counties. Earlier this month, CHD publicly announced that after reviewing over 100 eligible and qualified individuals, the Board of Directors chose Thomas Stuebner as our new Chief Executive Officer. For more information on our new CEO! See his announcement and press release here!

Zen at Stonehouse:

Stonehouse, our sober living home for women in recovery, recently scored a grant to make a Zen garden. The Zen garden will be an outlet for women and children at Stonehouse to heal while on the program. The act of gardening can have a healing effect in many ways, including lowering stress, creating a sense of fulfillment, and promoting peace of mind. In fact, some studies show that patients with clinical depression who engage in routine therapeutic gardening, experience a reduction in their severity of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and other severe issues. We are excited to share this amazing project’s beginning stages and can’t wait to show you what comes next!






National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month:

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), observed each October, celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and promotes the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents.  CHD and disABILITY services has spent decades empowering, increasing, and creating opportunities for our clients to grow, learn, and succeed—preparing hardworking men and women of all levels of ABILITY to reach their potential and enjoy happier, more self-sufficient lives. We are honored and overwhelmingly proud to share these success stories from our own clients that have empowered our staff, organization, and our community.