Adrian’s Journey: From Farm Sorting to Probation Officer

Adrian, a determined 24-year-old, found himself at the Galt Center after a referral from his co-worker at a packing shed. He had recently completed his studies in the Criminal Justice Field at Delta College but lacked industry experience. Seeking guidance and opportunities, Adrian arrived at the Center eager to explore the available programs.

His eligibility for the WIO 167 program and SETA Adult program was established due to his prior work experience at Kay Dix Farm, sorting pears. With approval for these programs, Adrian’s dedicated Case Manager began the process of finding a suitable work site that aligned with Adrian’s needs. Through persistent efforts, the Case Manager reached out to the Galt Police Department.

The road to Adrian’s placement at the Galt PD was not without its challenges. Numerous meetings and a lengthy process ensued, but both Adrian and his Case Manager remained steadfast in their pursuit. Eventually, after thorough discussions and meetings, Adrian secured a position in the live scan department of the Galt PD. The department staff recognized Adrian’s potential and consistently provided positive feedback on his progress.

Adrian’s dedication paid off when he completed 480 hours of paid work experience (WEX) training. In recognition of his achievements, he was honored with a plaque and a celebratory luncheon. Throughout the program, Adrian received additional assistance in the form of one-time rental support and clothing attire required for his training.

With his training successfully completed, Adrian’s journey led him to the County of Sacramento Juvenile Probation Department. Starting his career as a Probation Officer/Correctional Treatment Specialist, he was delighted to finally be in the field he had always dreamed of. His starting rate of $38.75 per hour reflected the value placed on his skills and dedication.

Adrian is immensely grateful for the support and opportunities provided by California Human Development. Through hard work and unwavering commitment, he has realized his true calling. Adrian’s story serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the transformative power of perseverance and the growth potential when given the right tools and support.

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