Resilience and Renewal: The Journey of Calixto Cervantes Camacho

We are proud to share the inspiring journey of Calixto Cervantes Camacho, a testament to resilience and the power of community support through our programs at the Ukiah FWS Office in Mendocino County.

Calixto’s story began in Michoacán, Mexico. At 18, he moved to Ukiah, California, to pursue seasonal farm work, primarily in the grape vineyards of Redwood Valley. During the off-seasons, he would return to Mexico to be with his wife, Lourdes, and their two children. In 1997, seeking a more stable life, Calixto brought his family to California, cementing his roots in the community he had come to know as home.

Despite the seasonal nature of his work, which also took him to Madera, CA, and Oregon for fruit and cherry picking, Calixto found steady employment at a vineyard in Redwood Valley, where he worked diligently for many years. Tragically, in 2017, wildfires ravaged the vineyard, leaving him without work and forcing him to reconsider his career path as he struggled to support his family and manage housing expenses.

With hope and determination, Calixto reached out to California Human Development (CHD). After meeting with a case manager and completing an intake, he was enrolled in the WIOA 167 and Temporary Housing programs. Our team supported Calixto in his job search, focusing on opportunities in the logging industry, a new field for him. Additionally, we assisted him with his utility bills through the Temporary Housing Program and provided a $600 aid through the USDA Program during his unemployment.

Calixto’s persistence and our tailored support culminated in a full-time position at North Cal Wood Products. Starting as a stacker, he quickly adapted to his new role, learning to operate various machines and equipment. Now earning $17 per hour, Calixto is not only secure in his job but also hopeful about advancing further in the logging industry.

Calixto’s gratitude towards CHD for the assistance that enabled him to provide for his family and find stability in his career reflects the core mission of our work: to empower individuals and strengthen communities. His journey underscores the impact of dedicated support and the profound resilience of those we serve.

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