Rebirth at Middletown

Bright sunshine and green grass greeted a steady stream of volunteers recently at Middletown Trailside Nature Preserve. They arrived by the hundreds with shovels in hand to plant upwards of 3,000 fresh Ponderosa Pine seedlings. Their beloved county park, ravaged by fire in 2015, will soon once again be full of lush green trees. It’s a dream come true for the community and for CHD staff, who have been and continue to provide ongoing disaster relief in Lake County. Those efforts include hiring nearly 300 temporary laborers to clear the charred land at Trailside Park… in preparation for this very day!

CHD’s disaster relief efforts in Lake County are provided in partnership with La Cooperativa Campesina de California and with funding from the National Dislocated Worker Program.  

The March 25th volunteer reforestation event at Trailside Nature Preserve was hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Lake County.




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