Josefina’s Journey to Citizenship

Pictured: Senior Case Manager Asucena Zentino


Josefina is a 54-year-old native of Mexico. She first came to CHD in August of 2020 to apply for US Citizenship. Her application was approved and a year later she was scheduled for her citizenship interview. She was elated to finally accomplish her goal of becoming a US citizen. Our Senior Case Manager, Asucena Zetino, met with Josefina to prepare her for her scheduled interview. Josefina was so relieved to find out that she qualified to take the interview questions in Spanish, her primary language. Little did Josefina know that her journey to becoming a US citizen would take an unexpected turn.

On September 23, 2021, Josefina presented herself at her citizenship interview. She was assigned a very kind interviewer who started the interview with basic information in English. Josefina replied to his initial questions in English, and he told her that even though she could take interview questions in Spanish, her English was good enough to take the civics test in English. She hesitated and became nervous at the thought that she may not be able to respond correctly in English. His encouragement helped her decide to take a chance and respond to his questions in English. She successfully passed the civics test in English! The feeling of excitement that she was able to accomplish something that once seemed impossible increased her confidence to learn more English. Josefina attended the Oath Ceremony on September 29, 2021, where she received her Naturalization Certificate. When she shares her experience with others, they are encouraged by her story. She is now a proud US citizen.

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