Immigration & Citizenship: Happy Ever After

Rene sought assistance from our CHD Immigration and Citizenship Lodi office back in June of 2017. He made a consultation with our Senior Case Manager, Sharon Gillies, and discussed his options to bring his wife, Natjuree to the United States of America. Sharon assisted Rene with filing the I-129 Fiancé Visa application and completing the consular processing so Natjuree can make the journey from Thailand to the USA. When Natjuree arrived and married Rene within the 90-day time frame, Sharon completed the Adjustment of Status (I-485) application for her permanent residency. Natjuree received a 2-year conditional permanent residency card. Once her 2-year conditional permanent residency card was close to expiring, Sharon assisted Natjuree with her I-751 application to remove conditions on her permanent residency and completed a new 1-765 work authorization application. Once her I-751 has been approved and she has 3 years of permanent residency, Natjuree will have the opportunity to apply for US Citizenship.


Rene and Natjuree are extremely grateful for all the assistance and support they received from Sharon.

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