Felipe’s Journey

Everyone comes from different walks of life but we all share one thing in common; we strive for a better life for ourselves and for our loved ones. Felipe is a client who was referred by a friend to come inquire about our services here at California Human Development. Felipe came to the United States when he was 18 years old, and he had a specific goal in mind which was to work with children. Felipe’s dream was to be a positive influence on the youth and children. He remembers back to his first job in Mexico, selling tamales, clothes, and toys, and he would interact with a lot of the kids. He would share his experiences and knowledge with them and saw how they learned from them.

When he arrived to the US, he resided in Ukiah and began to work in the grape industry from pruning to harvesting grapes. He worked long and hard hours six days a week but he was still determined to better himself. After work, he would make time to attend the Ukiah Adult School to obtain his GED and he would attend ESL classes wherever they were offered. After completing his GED, Felipe proceeded to take courses at the Junior College for business, general education, and some more ESL classes.

Unfortunately, Felipe was laid off from his current job and he decided that it was time for him to search for a job that had to do with his passion. He began to search for jobs where he could work with children but was having some difficulties. That is when Felipe found himself at CHD because of his friend’s referral and met with our Case Manager in that area. After the Case Manager interviewed him, she found that he was eligible for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 167 National Farmworker Jobs Program and Temporary Housing Programs. Felipe mentioned that he wanted something where he can work with kids and they were able to connect with the Director of the Ukiah Boys and Girls Club. Felipe had what was needed to be part of the Boys and Girls club. Because he was still unemployed, his family was having financial problems. Thankfully, with the WIOA 167 NFJP program, they were able to assist him with paying for work clothes, and the Temporary Housing program assisted with some of his utility bills.

Felipe was then enrolled in our Work Experience Program (WEX) and he began to gain the skills and experience he needed at the Ukiah Boys and Girls Club. He participated in the Academic Service Program, was introduced to leadership roles where he was able to develop more skills in guidance and mentorship. He worked extremely hard and with his determination, he found a job opportunity at the Ukiah Unified School District. Felipe was assisted and applied for a Teacher’s Aide position. He now works at the Nokomis School and he is pursuing his goal of working with children and guiding them.

At CHD, we truly try to create opportunities for people to better their lives. Felipe, we wish you well and are here for any other services you may need.

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