From Farm Laborer to Truck Driving Success Story

At California Human Development (CHD), we are thrilled to share the remarkable journey of Maria Pinon Reyes, an individual who defied the odds and transformed her life through our partnership with the Anthony Soto Educational Training (ASET) Center. Maria’s story serves as a powerful testament to the resilience, determination, and support that can enable individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

Born in Michoacan, Mexico, Maria made her way to California a decade ago, seeking a brighter future. She found herself working in farm labor alongside her relatives, toiling in the fields day after day. From harvesting tomatoes and sorting walnuts to picking peaches and even processing fish and seafood, Maria poured her sweat and effort into her work. Yet, with each passing year, she felt trapped in a cycle of financial instability and stagnant opportunities, yearning for something more fulfilling.

A turning point came during a family gathering where Maria’s cousins, who had recently completed a truck driving training program, celebrated their success. Inspired by their achievements, they encouraged Maria to explore similar paths. Taking their advice to heart, Maria reached out to the Yuba-Sutter Farmworker Services (FWS) office, a program offered by CHD, in search of new possibilities.

Within the FWS program, Maria connected with a compassionate and dedicated case manager who introduced her to the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP). Seeing the potential for personal and professional growth, Maria made the life-altering decision to pursue a trade that would lead her to a brighter future.

Through CHD’s partnership with the ASET Center, Maria enrolled in an educational training program to obtain her Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and multiple endorsements, enabling her to operate various types of commercial trucks. The WIOA 167 program, in collaboration with ASET Center, ensured that Maria’s tuition, fees, and supplies were covered, removing financial barriers from her path. Equally important, the ASET Center’s instructors, known for their expertise and genuine dedication, provided Maria with high-quality training and unwavering support.

For six intense weeks, Maria poured her heart and soul into the program, determined to achieve her goal. With perseverance and an unyielding spirit, she successfully completed the rigorous training, emerging as a certified truck driver ready to embrace new horizons.

Maria’s journey did not end there. She wasted no time and secured a job driving trucks with Morning Star, seamlessly transitioning from farm labor to the transportation industry. But Maria’s aspirations reach beyond her current role. She dreams of establishing her own truck driving company, one that empowers and prioritizes the employment of women in the industry.

Arturo Villa, Maria’s instructor at the ASET Center, attests to her unwavering commitment and potential, stating, “Maria is a joy. She is focused and dedicated to the truck driving training class. She has a very promising future.”

Maria Pinon Reyes’s story encapsulates the transformative impact of the programs offered by California Human Development. Through our collaboration with the ASET Center, Maria gained not only the technical skills but also the unwavering support and resources needed to embark on a new and rewarding career path. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all who strive for personal and professional growth, reminding us that with determination and the right opportunities, success knows no boundaries.

At CHD, we are committed to empowering individuals like Maria to overcome barriers, pursue their dreams, and create lasting change in their lives and communities. Together, let us continue to uplift and support one another, enabling more success stories like Maria’s to unfold.

If you would like to learn more about the programs and services offered by California Human Development, please visit our website. Join us in our mission to empower individuals, transform lives, and build thriving communities.

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