Journey to Safety: Reuniting Families and Building Hope

Introducing Khatira Hashimi and her three children, Husna, Tooba, and Sana Hashimi. With the unwavering support of our organization, their journey towards asylum has been a testament to the resilience and determination of immigrant families.

In April 2022, we submitted their asylum application, followed by a crucial asylum interview in September of the same year. Finally, on 09/09/2022, their asylum approval was granted, marking a significant turning point in their lives.

This remarkable family’s path to safety began when they were evacuated from Afghanistan on 08/31/2021 through Project OAR. The dire circumstances arose due to Khatira’s husband, Mir Waliullah Hashimi, who had worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers and the construction company NKCC, contributing to road construction projects in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Mir’s affiliation with the United States made him a target of constant threats from the Taliban. Regarded as a spy, he faced the continuous risk of death, compelling him to seek refuge in Germany in 2016.

Separated from her husband, Khatira navigated the challenges of raising their daughters, Husna and Tooba, with a third child, Sana, on the way. However, their story took a positive turn when Khatira and her daughters received asylum approval. Our organization stepped in to assist with an I-730 petition, submitted on 11/30/2022, to reunite the family in the United States. The I-730 was subsequently approved on March 18, 2023, bringing them one step closer to the long-awaited reunion.

Mir’s appointment with the American Embassy in Germany took place in April 2023, signaling his imminent journey to the United States. The anticipation and mixed emotions of the family are palpable as they eagerly await their long-overdue reunion. We will continue to provide updates on this heartwarming family reunification.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of stability and integration, we also submitted an Adjustment of Status application for each family member on March 17, 2023. As they eagerly anticipate becoming permanent residents, their dreams of a secure future in their new home are within reach.

The Hashimi family’s story exemplifies the profound impact of our organization’s commitment to supporting and empowering immigrant communities. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide vital resources, guidance, and assistance to individuals and families seeking refuge and a brighter future in the United States.

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