“Dream” Alive, DACA Support & Work Continues

A new contribution to the Dream Fund is infusing more than just financial support to California Human Development’s (CHD) work for young immigrant “Dreamers,” who are protected by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

“I believe the support of our Dream Fund very clearly signifies that many within our community stand behind our Dreamers and are opposed to any effort that would force them to leave the communities they call home,” says Chis Paige, CEO of California Human Development. “These donors are saying in a very tangible way that we need DACA and we need to protect our Dreamers,” he adds.

The DACA program launched in 2012 protects undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, giving them the temporary right to live and work here on a renewable basis every two years. President Trump has promised to dismantle DACA. Since then, CHD and many other immigration service providers have been quickly working to processes DACA renewals prior to changes being implemented. During this time of uncertainty, most immigration experts are not processing new DACA applications. 

The Dream Fund launched in December represents community contributions to pay the $495 federal processing fee for DACA renewals. The fee, which must be paid every two years, is too steep for many and often prevents Dreamers from maintaining their DACA. With the newest Dream Fund contribution of $2500, CHD can pay the federal processing fee for an additional five DACA renewal applicants. Grant funding from the California Department of Social Services also allows CHD’s accredited immigration experts to help Dreamers prepare their applications at no cost.

Dreamers in need of DACA renewal assistance are encouraged to call 707.523.1155, ext. 4721.

Contributions to the Dream Fund may be made through CHD’s online giving portal, https://squareup.com/market/californiahumandevelopment or give John Way, Community Investments Manager a call at 707.523.1155, ext. 4788.





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