California Human Development is excited to announce the new Anthony Soto Employment Training (ASET) Center located in Woodland, CA. The new ASET center creates opportunities to further expand the programs we currently offer and to assist more individuals. We are happy to be partnering with the Yolo County Office of Education to open further opportunities to our clients and students. Our new ASET center will be offering welding, construction, trucking, forklift operation, and other vocational training. The new center will also be offering low-income and farmworker-related assistance.

The new center is a large, modern, and industrial space designed for workforce development training activities and to support staff.  This space will allow CHD to increase enrollments, improve students’ comfort, and reach more individuals in our geographic area.

The Yolo County Office of Education and YoloWorks will provide the center with resources to start a new advanced agricultural worker training program because of the immediate demand for workers with those skills.

CHD is excited to continue its mission of creating paths and opportunities for people in need to rise above barriers in their pursuit of better lives. We anticipate a grand opening in August to demonstrate our efforts in improving our services to our clients and students. Make sure to follow our platforms to keep yourself updated with the new Woodland Center.