Career Series Recap

disABILITY Services like many others had to adjust and adapt to the changes that were incurred due to the pandemic. Virtual support was offered through multiple daily classes on Zoom. Adjusting to an online platform made it challenging to provide community integration for our participants. We worked tirelessly to provide a curriculum and supportive services that would improve the well-being of the individuals we serve. One of the classes that were offered was called the “UpLink Career Discovery Series.”

The UpLink Career Discovery Series was a virtual educational speaker series where our program participants could learn and connect with professionals in our community. The series included 10 guest speakers that joined our class and presented information about the jobs and careers they do. It was a great opportunity for our participants to learn about the various careers they could pursue and was a great way to connect with local employers.

Our mission, goal, and vision for this series was to bring the community to us. In a creative way, we managed to integrate our participants, empower them to seek out new opportunities, and learn from local professionals. Our participants enjoyed our series as it informed them about their opportunities.

Here is some feedback that our participants had to say about the career series:

“It was freaking awesome”

“Petaluma Pie was my favorite because we got to see them work and how the pies were made”

Our speakers also had a few comments:

“We thought you did a great job of organizing it and walking us through technical challenges we might have faced. We also had a great time and hope the students did too.”
-Lina (Petaluma Pie Company)

“I very much enjoyed giving the clients a taste of what a typical day of pet sitting is like, and educating them about the business side of it and what you need to do to start it up.”
-Julie’s Pet Sitting

“The Zoom Speaker Series was such a delight to participate in, everyone was so engaged and interactive and it was so fun to share an afternoon talking about music and be in community together!”
-Keeley Hogan (singer/songwriter/music teacher)


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