The Holidays at Parkway Plaza

It is important for seniors living at Parkway Plaza to come together for holiday events for a variety of reasons. Holidays can be a difficult time for seniors who may have lost loved ones or are unable to spend the holiday with their families. By coming together for holiday events, our residents can create a sense of community and belonging, and provide support and companionship to one another. In addition, participating in holiday events can help seniors stay engaged and active, which can have numerous mental and physical health benefits. Finally, holiday events can provide a sense of tradition and nostalgia, which can be especially meaningful for seniors who may be experiencing changes in their lives.


Thanks to our staff and partners we were able to offer our residents several different holiday events! From door decorating contests, to craft days, and many holiday parties our seniors had a full list of activities to get in the holiday spirit. Below are photos from the events and our residents enjoying themselves!




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