Athena House Goes Camping & “Growing Hope” This September

This past April, the women of Athena House had the opportunity to venture off the grounds of their residential community to get together in nature for a camping trip. The women of Athena House are experiencing the transformational journey of substance recovery and the outdoors and can dramatically enrich that process. Throughout Athena House’s history, there has always been a desire to include nature as an integral part of the healing process. This camping trip became the first experience honoring that desire. All of the residents who attended were thrilled to participate. This trip created a deeper level of unity for the women in recovery at Athena House. More importantly, this showed that their recovery journey would bring new forms of joy into their lives. Athena House hopes to make this an annual event in nature so all future residents of Athena House can experience the value of this trip into the wilderness.


Substance Recovery Services (SRS) is continuing this theme of celebrating the integration of nature into the recovery process with future events as well! SRS is excited to officially open its Zen Garden of the Goddesses at Athena House this September at our “Growing Hope” Fundraising Event. This event will feature an afternoon spent with alumni, staff, and some clients of Substance Recovery Services and their stories of recovery. We are excited to bring you more information as we get closer to the event. If you would like to Opt-in to receive the formal announcement of this event and purchase tickets when available, please follow the link below!


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