Miguel’s Story

Miguel came into our Healdsburg Day Labor Center back in October 2019 after arriving in the United States. He settled with family and friends in the Town of Windsor. He came seeking a better opportunity in life to support his wife and children in Mexico. After months of searching for work, a family friend informed Miguel about the Day Labor Center. Workers are given the opportunity to earn a fair wage through honest work. He visited our center in 2019 to inquire about work opportunities. He did not know that months later he would have to travel back to Mexico to stay with his family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Miguel returned in March 2021 he came with the hopes of getting a stable job, after months of coming in and seeking work. He was able to build a rapport with the employers that sought his skills on a daily basis. Every morning he would come to the center and participate in the weekly COVID education classes prior to getting his COVID-19 vaccine. With the rapport Miguel established and getting vaccinated, we were able to help Miguel get a job at the center. He was hired on May 2021 in a full-time position helping a painter. Miguel was aware that this job was temporary but he was delighted to get the opportunity to have a stable income. With the stable income, he was able to send money to his family in Mexico and still provide a comfortable living situation for himself here.

On October 18, 2021, Miguel came back to the Day Labor Center to register on the worklist hoping that we could provide him with work. He informed the staff at the Center that due to the weather conditions his job was placed on hold and that the employer will give him another opportunity to come work for him for the upcoming season. Miguel is hoping to travel back to Mexico to spend the holiday season with his family.

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