Double the Graduation Celebrations!

On Saturday, August 5, 2023, Farmworker Services celebrated a momentous occasion—the first graduation at the Woodland ASET Center for the truck driving and welding classes of PY 22. But the festivities didn’t end there. A few weeks later, on August 26, 2023, the Stockton ASET Center joined in with its own graduation ceremony for the Truck Driving and Welding students who successfully completed their programs in PY 22-23.

Both events were nothing short of remarkable, filled with inspiration and success stories that left attendees motivated and ready to embark on their respective journeys.

The Stockton ASET graduation featured the remarkable Mr. Ben as the keynote speaker, whose words resonated deeply with the graduates. Alongside Mr. Ben, the audience was treated to other outstanding success stories that left everyone inspired and uplifted.

CHD’s Board Chair, Tony Silva, CEO, Thomas Stuebner, and COO, Santino Garcia, graced both graduations with their presence, showcasing their unwavering support for the students. They were joined by Mary Potts, Division Director, Ann Nash, Center Manager, Gerry Rojas, ASET Administrative Assistant, and the dedicated MIS/Admin staff, all of whom played integral roles in ensuring the success of these events.

The festivities included exciting raffles, offering graduates the chance to win remarkable prizes. The grand finale occurred at the Stockton ASET graduation, where a fortunate graduate walked away with a brand new Apple Notebook.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our graduates from Woodland ASET and Stockton ASET. Your unwavering determination and commitment to excellence have borne fruit, and we eagerly anticipate the significant impact you will make in your chosen fields.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to our Farmworker Services family and friends who joined us in celebrating these remarkable milestones. Your support is invaluable and a testament to the strength of our community.

In conclusion, let us applaud our outstanding graduates from both ASET Centers. Your achievements are a source of inspiration to us all.

We invite you to stay tuned for more success stories as Farmworker Services continues its mission of empowerment and transformation.


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