Camp Núñez Camper: Alma Núñez

Alma Núñez has been a camper with Camp Núñez since 2018. Alma was a shy student when her mom heard about Camp Nuñez. Alma’s mom thought that attending camp would help Alma with her self-esteem. During camp, Alma was able to meet new friends, and learn new skills. Alma returned to camp in 2019 and was excited to come back to camp in 2020.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Camp Nuñez was canceled and Alma was disappointed she was not going to be able to attend. Although our students were unable to attend camp, we still made sure to stay in touch with them and their families. Since we couldn’t host a camp, we were able to provide printers to the students. We reached out to Alma’s mom to see if she was in need of a printer for school. Her mom was delighted to hear from us because transitioning to online school was hard for Alma. She had a hard time getting used to the new normal. When Alma came to pick up the printer, she asked when the camp would return. With a broken heart, camp staff told her it was not known at this time because the pandemic was still an ongoing issue.

When she received the printer, we asked Alma what she was going to use the printer for. She answered that it would be used for her school work. We spoke to her mom a month after they had received the printer, and she said it has come in handy for the whole family.  The family has used the printer to help Alma with school work and projects. Alma’s mom has also been able to utilize it for printing her resumes and some activities for Alma’s younger brother. We will continue to check in with the family to inform them of the latest news about camp, and the possibility of Alma returning to camp in the future.

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