“One day I will return the favor and help the Day Labor Center out once again.”

Laborer Hopes For The Best

Juan has been a loyal laborer at our Healdsburg Day Labor Center since 2016 after arriving from Mexico weeks prior. He came across the Day Labor Center by asking around in the community, and our loyal locals directed him to the center. He heard the Day Labor Center helped the community with resource and temporary jobs. Upon registering, he used our center for temporary job placement and after countless jobs he started to get his own clientele. Many of the employers would see his work ethic valuable as he is always willing to work hard. He began to work with clients from all over Sonoma County including Napa, Calistoga, Cloverdale, Healdsburg and Santa Rosa. He had established a rapport with clients that would refer him to close friends and family. In the average week, he would do his 40 hours of work and would sometimes come into the center to hire more laborers in need of work to help him.

Recently, due to the fires that included the LNU complex fire and the recent Glass fire he has lost many clients and has returned to the center in search for work. As he continues to work hard for the opportunity to become a US citizen, he hopes that one day he can own a farm where he can raise livestock. Juan would ideally want to work in construction because he is very intrigued in the building process of a home from start to finish. He has always had the motivation to learn new things that can help him in the future. 

In the few years that Juan has been here, he was able to successfully learn English and says his success has been seeing his clientele happy. He aspires to see his daughter go to a higher education system to become a lawyer which is why he works long hours. He is grateful that God has kept him healthy and given him a family that supports his dreams. He states that coming to the United States, a country that seems hard to survive in, has been a great blessing as he was able to find people that were willing to help him and his family. The center has given him motivation and confidence to continue on his work journey and one day he will return the favor and help the center out once again.



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