disABILITY Services: Holiday Edition

Our disABILITY Services Program spent this holiday season honoring previous and current employees as well as their clients and their families. To begin, their first Community Celebration and Fundraiser was hosted back on November 13, 2021. Our disABILITY Services Program was honoring former Program Director, Mary Biggs, and her years of service to the program. Mary Biggs spent decades with CHD. We had clients and family members of the clients speak on the impact that our program has had on their lives. We are so thankful for the amazing partnerships we have to continue doing the work we do. All of our clients and their families and guests had an amazing time. Thank you to all the businesses who contributed to our event!


In the month of December, we had one of our Board Members, Emila Aguilar, and her partner, Bill, provide lunch and Christmas gifts to all of the clients at disABILITY Services. Emila took the lead role in securing donations from supporters to ensure disABILITY Services could start a Holiday tradition that means something special to their clients. Thank you to Emila, Bill, and everyone who supported this special day of festivities!

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