The After: Brooke Ross

Brooke Ross is another shining example of the kind of life the women of Athena House can have when they work hard and decide that recovery is worth it. It was more than five years ago that Brooke first walked through the doors of Stonehouse hoping that something could change for her. Brooke had not only suffered from addiction but had struggled for years with an eating disorder. Brooke spent six months of intense programming with us. There were many times where we were not sure if she would be able to manage the multiple issues and have the success she wanted. Brooke refused to give up and was determined to do whatever was necessary to get on the right track.

Today, Brooke is not only a five-year success story but she has remained closely connected to the staff at Athena House to share her journey. She is a radiating ball of light and hope for all the women who have had the opportunity to hear her story and meet her. Brooke is what we call a full circle success. A full circle success is an alumni who has achieved a career and now takes the time to hire and employ other women of Athena House to give them the same chance she was given. The Division Director for Substance Recovery Services has called her on multiple occasions and said, “I have a lady who needs a job”. Brooke will drive down from Healdsburg and interview onsite. She has made several donations and demonstrates a level of dedication to us and her recovery that makes us immensely proud.

We are grateful for all Brooke has done to give back to Athena House at Stonehouse and feel honored to be a part of her recovery journey.

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