Cuts to Medicaid threaten poorest residents seeking rehab

The Senate health care bill unveiled on Thursday is certain to have a deadly impact on California’s poorest residents battling drug and alcohol addiction, says California Human Development’s Director of Treatment, Sylvie Vatinelle.  The bill cuts new funding that would have allowed people of low income who struggle with addiction to access up to 90 days of residential treatment through Medicaid…


Vatinelle says it’s especially ironic that people of low income who commit crimes are provided with opportunities for rehab through the criminal justice system but poor, law-abiding people who struggle with addiction receive little or no help and then often turn to crime. The taxpayer cost of incarceration can be hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, while CHD’s residential treatment program at Stonehouse, for example, is a few thousand dollars a month and is proven highly effective in helping people to turn their lives around.





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