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Immigration & Citizenship: Happy Ever After

Rene sought assistance from our CHD Immigration and Citizenship Lodi office back in June of 2017. He made a consultation with our Senior Case Manager, Sharon Gillies, and discussed his options to bring his wife, Natjuree to the United States of America. After their consultation, they began the K-1 Visa process for his wife once […]

disABILITY Services: Holiday Edition

Our disABILITY Services Program spent this holiday season honoring previous and current employees as well as their clients and their families. To begin, their first Community Celebration and Fundraiser was hosted back on November 13, 2021. Our disABILITY Services Program was honoring former Program Director, Mary Biggs, and her years of service to the program. […]

Employee Spotlight: Jesse Carbone

What is your background? I started working with the disabled community in high school. I was the teaching assistant for the Special Ed classes. And just fell right into it. I met so many amazing people (that I still work with) and got to learn how much of an impact we were on each other. […]

Josefina’s Journey to Citizenship

Pictured: Senior Case Manager Asucena Zentino   Josefina is a 54-year-old native of Mexico. She first came to CHD in August of 2020 to apply for US Citizenship. Her application was approved and a year later she was scheduled for her citizenship interview. She was elated to finally accomplish her goal of becoming a US […]

Affordable Housing: Hermila Ferreyra Heredia

Hermila Ferreyra Heredia is a resident at Mahal Plaza. Hermila is extremely thankful to the staff at Mahal Plaza for providing an opportunity for her and her daughter when they needed it the most. Hermila is a farmworker and thanks to CHD’s Affordable Housing she can have a place to call home. Hermila is thankful […]

CHD December Event Calendar

The end of the year is approaching us. Check out what is going on with CHD in the month of December. For any questions, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy the rest of this year!

Camp Núñez Camper: Alma Núñez

Alma Núñez has been a camper with Camp Núñez since 2018. Alma was a shy student when her mom heard about Camp Nuñez. Alma’s mom thought that attending camp would help Alma with her self-esteem. During camp, Alma was able to meet new friends, and learn new skills. Alma returned to camp in 2019 and […]

Tera’s Story

Tera was a member of our Clerical Supported Employment Group at disABILITY Services for many years, where she received paid employment training in administrative duties. Over the years, she has attended Santa Rosa Junior College in hopes of receiving her AA and she even received a certificate in administrative assistance from Santa Rosa Junior College […]

Success Story: Nicole Muller

Nicole Muller was born in Colorado Springs, CO. to a family of 7 brothers and 3 sisters.  Nicole came from a dysfunctional family and was placed into foster care from the age of 18 months to 18 years old. She graduated from Prospects High School in Antioch, CA at the age of 17. Nicole discovered […]

The After: Brooke Ross

Brooke Ross is another shining example of the kind of life the women of Athena House can have when they work hard and decide that recovery is worth it. It was more than five years ago that Brooke first walked through the doors of Stonehouse hoping that something could change for her. Brooke had not […]